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Forensic Locksmith Services

Residential Locksmith Service 

  •  If you have lost a house key or someone has a key that you don't want in your home we can rekey your locks to a new key so the old one no longer works. We can even key your locks alike so you have less keys on your ring. If you use a baby sitter or house cleaner we can make one of the door knobs fit 2 keys, yours and another one that you give to your worker. If you do not want them coming in at certain times just make sure your dead bolt is locked and then they cannot enter. Your master key will still fit all of the locks and if they leave without returning the key you will only have to rekey the one knob which will save you money instead of rekeying the entire house.
  •  If you are worried about you locks being picked or someone using a bump key to burglarize you we can install High security locks. We offer Schlage Primus which is pick resistant and bump keys will not work. The keys can not be duplicated at a hardware store, building supply, or other locksmiths. Ask us about High Security Locks.
  •  If your locks are old, worn or broken we can replace them with new locks. We can install deadbolts on your door if you don't already have them. 


 Commercial Locksmith Service

 We can master key your office or complex.

 We repair and replace, Panic Bars, Exit Alarms, Door Closers and Commercial Lock Hardware.

 We can rekey your locks if you let go an employee that had a key.

 We can install High Security Locks on your business.

 We can change the combination on your safe.

 Electric Strikes repaired and installed on your storefront. We can use stationary button or a remote button you keep in your pocket. Many salons, jewelery stores, small office storefronts, use these to keep out unwanted visitors.

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Forensic Locksmith Services

Forensic locksmith evaluations
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A forensic locksmith can determine certain facts about how a lock has or has not been bypassed. Many Insurance company's refuse payment for theft claims based on forensic opinions that may overlook the facts. People are even sent to prison based on testimony by forensic experts. If your car was stolen and your claim was denied you might want your attorney to hire a forensic auto examiner / locksmith. You can bet the Insurance company has one. If you are an attorney and looking for a forensic locksmith / auto theft examiner you want to talk to us, If you are an insurance company looking for an expert we can provide forensic locksmith service. If you are Law enforcement or a prosecutor you need to talk to us. Our forensic opinions are based on fact and properly examining the evidence. We will give you a non biased factual expert opinion.
We can forensically evaluate Burglary scenes, automobiles, and other situations where locks have or have not been bypassed.

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