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 From picking open locks to installing deadbolts, we can do almost anything on your home. Did you know you are entitled to an insurance discount for having deadbolts on your doors? We can install them from scratch. Did you know a locksmith can rekey your locks when you have a key stolen, lost, or a key not returned by someone you don't want in your home. This means you do not replace the existing locks which may be operating properly or if they are expensive ones. Locksmith rekeying can change the internal pins that are in the lock so they fit a different key and the previous one will no longer work. We can rekey all of your locks to a one key that will operate all the locks in your home as opposed to having different keys to each door.

The Nanny and House Keeper Key
We can rekey your house to one key and then we can rekey the door knob on a single door which will operate on two keys, your key and a different key. The purpose for this is to allow limited access to your home. If you are gone for the day, sleeping, or on vacation you can lock your deadbolt denying access thru the door. The key you give out to anyone will only work that single knob and your key will work that knob and all of the other locks also. This is a form of master keying. 

lockcylinder.jpgRekeying your home
If your keys were stolen, lost, or you just moved in and the locks are all working and in good condition we can rekey them to a new key. We can rekey them on one key which is usually preferred or we can key them on different keys. To rekey them on one key the locks must be the same brand or use the same key way. We provide you with 2 new keys and we can make duplicates if you need more.